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FameStream Media is an Influencer based Marketing Agency that specializes in connecting the dots between Influencers, Brands, Premium Content and Loyal Consumers. In a world full of clutter the more disruptive and unconventional content is most effective. Lets create something exciting and impactful.

  • Influencer Marketing/Integration
     We have an exclusive inventory of influence that we implement in activations, branded content, and full campaigns. 
  • Digital Marketing
    Concepts like gamification, growth hacking, and ad buying are implemented into all marketing efforts. 
  • Content Amplification Strategies
    Our technology strategies incentivizes your organic fan base to extend your reach and immensely increase engagement, brand awareness and meaningful data. 
  • Campaign Creation and Management
    We believe in authenticity and media disruption. Your campaigns do not always have to be conventional. We help you think outside of the box and execute. 
  • Experiential Marketing
    Disruption correlates with activations and offline marketing. We create experiences that make good content for distribution, and create a conversation following the occurrence.


Disruption is uncomfortable but it makes you stop and think.

Gary Little


Stay true to who you are.

Justin Humphries


Visuals Are Everything.

Dex Oliver Hobbes


Data, Campaign Design & Technology.

Our services are constructed to make it simple to use our technology strategies by supplying the tools to be successful. We apply the proper campaign design and execution to drive the most engagement and your return on investment.


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